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Why “Social Distancing” Isn’t Technically the Right Term

Even though “social distancing” has become the go-to moniker for what we need to do to stop the spread of coronavirus, it isn’t technically what we’re actually doing. Here’s what I mean.

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We’re all craving Social Interaction – One take away from these past few weeks is…..we really are better together! Our need to keep a distance in a physical sense is critical to our health, but it’s very different from our need for Social Engagement. There are great examples everywhere – zoom happy hours, front yard distance parties, birthday car parades and kids playing across the street from one another – it’s really beautiful to see! And there are struggles ahead for many in our community, and I am here to offer a hand. If you or someone you know is facing tough times through loss of employment or even under-employment I may be able to help. I’ve built a nice network of professionals in all careers, and may be able to provide introductions to new opportunities.